Title Loans in Irving, TX

There are some important financial products that you need to be aware of when you're tight with your bill paying. Too many consumers assume that they cannot be approved for a loan because of credit history issues. The truth is that there is probably a product out there that will be accessible to you even if you have some blemishes on your credit report. One of the best options out there for any consumer who owns a vehicle is a title loan.

The ins and outs of title loans in Irving

If you're going to apply for car title loans in Fort Worth, you need to know how they work. You'll have to start by sending an application in. The title loan application is short and straightforward. You can take advantage of this when applying. The biggest detail you'll need to provide is information about the vehicle you own and that you'll be using as collateral. Details that are important on the application when it comes to the vehicle are what the vehicle's make and model are. Also, it will be important to provide the age of the vehicle and the number of mile's that are on the odometer.

Anybody who applies for these loans can expect a quick response back about whether or not they're eligible. Title loan lenders know that those who apply need to know quickly whether or not they can take out a loan, so they analyze and respond to application in a timely manner.

When it's possible for a loan to be offered, the loan offer will be sent out with all necessary details. The prospective borrower can consider how much the loan is for, how much the interest charge will be, and how acceptable the payment terms are. If everything fits in with the applicants needs well, the applicant can proceed with the loan. However, it will be necessary for the borrower to furnish the vehicle title and hand it over to the lender before loan money is disbursed. Then, the period of repayment begins until all money and interest has been paid back and the vehicle title is returned.

Title loans in Irving: Texas law factors you need to be aware of

One important thing to be aware of with these loans is that they differ by state. State law covers financial products like title loans in Irving. A loan that is available in another state may offer significantly different terms from a loan available in Texas. The following are some basics about state law in Texas in regards to title loans:

  • There is not a limit on the loan amount.
  • There is a cap of 10 percent on the interest rate that is permitted on these loans in Texas.
  • There is a limit of 180 days on the loan term for this type of loan in Texas.

Key characteristics about this alternative lending product

  • Loans can involve a title with a lien on it it- Title loans in Irving are not necessary unavailable to those with a lien on their title. Even if you owe money on a vehicle loan, you can still be approved if you have a sufficient amount of equity in the vehicle.
  • Loans offer flexibility with repayment- Lenders work with borrowers to find acceptable repayment terms.
  • Loans are secured- Title loans in Irving are secured by collateral in the form of a vehicle.
  • Loans are not payday loans- These are distinct from payday loans and don't involve the borrower's upcoming paycheck.