Quick Approval of Title Loans in Garland, TX

Title loans in Garland are easy and fast ways for people in need of cash to use cars as collateral. To determine the cash amount you can get using the title loan facility, you need to consider the value of your car and also the ability to repay.

The Basics of Title Loans in Garland

A car title loan allows you to get a small amount of money for a short time. As the premier company offering title loans in Garland, we accept your automobile, truck, or motorcycle as collateral when Texas residents desire to borrow money. We usually provide a 30-day title loan repayment period.

Why our Garland, TX, Title Loans help You

Qualifying for our auto title loans is never difficult. We only require a valid car title as well as proof of your income. The application process of our title loans in Garland is short. Our customer care staff work to help you get the money you need as fast as possible.

  • Fast title loan processing: If you are a resident of Fort Worth title loan applications get consideration quickly. We understand you cannot wait for days or weeks to attend to emergency needs.
  • No credit score: We only ask for a title loan, not your credit score, to determine the amount of money you can borrow.
  • Improving your credit score: After the repayment of your title loan, you can report to the Credit Reference Bureau about paying loans on time and request for a credit score review.
  • Early loan repayment: Our firm can agree to personalized and tailor-made loan repayment plans with even a no prepayment fee and early loan repayments being possible.

How to apply for our Car Title Loan

To get approved for title loans in Garland fast, fill out the application form on our website.

  • Provide the personal information and a clear vehicle title.
  • Upload a government-issued photo ID, the documents to prove your residence, and income.
  • Upon completion of the application form, our loan representative will contact them at their earliest convenience. We shall give you a free car title loan estimate immediately. The process of processing your loan request is quick always. If your application gets approved, you will receive your cash, fast!

Keep Driving your Vehicle

When you get the car title money, you will still drive your vehicle. We only require you to deposit your car or motorcycle lien-free title. Once you make the final payments, we will return the title. You will never worry about car travel after taking out our auto title loan.

A Clear Title and a Title With a Lien

Many clients ask if we can advance loans on an auto title with the lien. Yes, we can. Lien vehicle titles are deed to the car during the mortgage period. The lien title is a promise to pay the mortgage, which allows you the car ownership. We accept clear titles too, which shows the car owner owes no money to the auto dealer.

Are Payday and Auto Title Loans Similar?

Both auto title loan and payday are short-term cash advances. You can use the loans to cater for rent, recurring expenses, or utilities. However, borrowers may need to debit the bank accounts before getting payday loans electronically. For title loans, you only need proof of car ownership. In Texas, the borrower may pay a $23 fee per a credit of $100.

Our Garland, TX, company will give you money even if you possess an older car. When you need funds to overcome financial hardships, we can help. Talk to us for a car title loan in Garland on now.